Is LinkedIn worth the time?

Lately I have begun to ask myself, “What is having a presence on LinkedIn doing for me?”

Facebook benefits me: I keep in touch with distant friends and family. I am amused by links, jokes, witty observations and intrigued when someone has a public melt-down on social media.

I also use Facebook to point people to my blogs occasionally. A good friend uses Facebook entirely to publicise his columns, and not at all for personal amusement.

But how does LinkedIn actually serve me? I know that my profile is viewed by people who want information about me, and I like the idea of being professionally visible. But I already have a job, and I’m not looking for more work at present (surprise me with an offer of a lot money if you want to change my mind).

So what are you experiences of LinkedIn? Has it helped to find work? A new job? Contact people you don’t already know? Can LinkedIn be used to share other information, such as tips on productivity or managing one’s work life better?

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